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  • 58% quality protein per scoop
  • Fuel muscle strength, speed and stamina
  • Support healthy weight loss
  • Supercharge fitness and performance


ProDog’s dynamic canine dietary supplement is formulated to help achieve optimal strength and stamina. Delivering nutritional support to fuel the ultimate in canine physique, fitness and focus, this formula is expertly blended using science-backed, premium-grade ingredients. Ideal for even the fussiest of eaters, simply mix into any meal for super easy feeding. 


Perform is a vet-approved, high protein based dietary supplement for dogs. Created by specialist canine nutritionists as a daily meal addition, designed to be added to any dog food. With 58% quality protein in each serving, it ensures exceptional results with simplicity and ease.


Suitable for all ages and breeds (from 24 weeks). This unique formulation of all-active, bioavailable ingredients includes ginseng, fish collagen, ProDog’s signature vitamin and mineral blend and tri-protein blend (including colostrum), precisely balanced to provide the essential components required to help a dog maintain peak physical condition, while also supporting overall health. In addition, Perform can help to support healthy weight loss, by providing nutrients without the calories.


PERFORM Strength and Stamina Supplement For Dogs

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