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Product Short Description - 100% Pure Rabbit Ear, the perfect treat to distract, calm and improve dental hygiene the natural way. Superb value for money, exotic protein source.


Description & Ingredients - 

ProDog Raw treats are 100% natural, healthy, doglicious and gently dehydrated to maintain excellent nutritional value. Absolutely zero chemicals, additives and preservatives whatsoever.


Our Pure Rabbit Ears come in 150g packs.reat, natural taste and the ideal treat to keep your dog amused. The natural chewiness of rabbit ear helps to strengthen jaw muscles and clean teeth, whilst the chewing action calms and soothes active minds. 


Quality Nutrition


  • 100% low fat cartlidge

  • Prime protein source

  • From DEFRA approved farms only

  • A nutritious, exotic option for dogs on elimination diets or intolerant to other proteins 

  • Easily digested, the perfect reward to feed alongside, or as part of, a raw diet 



Feeding Guide


Suitable for all dogs 

All dogs should be supervised when given treats and chews to eat

Treats should be calculated as part of the dog’s daily food allowance

Always ensure there is fresh water available


Rabbit Ears | 150g

Pre-Order for delivery in 3-5 working days
  • Here at Doggy Day Care Kent, we're always striving to provide the best, freshest, and most tail-waggingly ProDog raw delicious meals for our four-legged pals. However, we wanted to let you know our delivery and collection policy.


    Due to the nature of our fresh and raw products, our deliveries are only available to the lovely residents of Westerham, Kent. But fret not! For those of you outside Westerham, within a 10-mile radius, we're still offering the option for paw-some collection!


    So, whether you're a Westerham local or within our 10-mile radius, you can still treat your furry friend to the nutritious goodness of ProDog Raw.

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